SELF-WORTH I allowed that? Do I have time for that?
In a society that often tells us to put others first, be considerate, help your fellow man etc, we are often projecting that everyone else is more important than ourselves, or our own needs and desires. More often than not, we also don't give ourselves the time or space to undress all the sometimes absurd beliefs that we may be carrying around with us on all the ‘should’s’ or ‘musts’ that we must be or do or have or achieve in our lives. If we don't know who we are authentically or what we really want, how can we put ourselves first? All we doing is running on auto-pilot to what we believe we ‘should’ be doing.

You are so many roles to so many people: The Mom, The Dad, The Bread-Winner, The Homemaker, The Wife, The Husband, The Confidant and so many more, you can get so lost in these roles or simply just don’t have the time to focus on yourself. However, if you did begin to bring it all back to yourself so that you and your energy is so incredibly valuable, you might not give it away so freely. Being a precious resource, your energy can get so depleted that emotions of feeling overwhelmed, despondent, unappreciated and many more can take lodge in the physical body and begin to deplete the immune system and take away the zest for life. As you strengthen these behaviors, over and over again, this becomes your way of being. You must allow yourself to realize that your energy is one that must be nurtured, valued and respected, the you might not take on so many burdens, worries, tasks or offer to be all things to all people.

Questions to ask yourself:
\ Do I feel guilty if I do not offer help to others immediately or say yes when asked to do something?
Do I feel unappreciated and look for appreciation in doing things for others?
Do I take on everyone’s issues as my own personal burden in that I am the peacemaker or shoulder to cry on or can in some way ‘save’ them?
Am I often over-looked and by being all things to all people, I might get more validation?
Do I deep down want to feel more supported and so instead support everyone around me but never have the favor returned?
These emotions and ways of feelings can lead to unhealthy actions which might be keeping you from your self-worth.

What Does Self-Worth Mean To You?

Self-worth is feeling first of all worthy! To work on feeling worthy of being worthy! Self-worth is to take the time out for yourself to do the things that increase your happiness, energy, wealth, love and optimism. Self-worth is giving yourself room to do the things that create great connections, to feel included and a oneness with yourself and others. To feel loved and lovable. Self-worth is letting others support you and your needs while still being powerful in your own right. Self-worth is looking after your health and wealth and nurturing it as though you are nurturing yourself, as in essence, you are. Self-worth is really knowing yourself. Your light, your shadow and everything in between. What is yours and what has been ‘inherited that may not work for you. Self-worth is finding what makes you tick. What you love and are passionate about and removing internal limitations and sabotages, aligning your thoughts, actions and mindset to pursuing your ‘offering’ to the world in your own unique way. Being the blue bird that has its own unique song to sing and does so proudly. Self-worth is having a high self-esteem and confidence that others feel drawn to because it is authentic and real. Self-worth is having the money you require because you value yourself and your services and allow life to gift you. Self-worth is a gentle conviction to express yourself creatively and speak your truth with ease and grace. Self-worth is feeling seen, heard, accepted and loved for no other reason than that is how it is in your reality, thus attracting like-minded people and situations to validate that. Self-worth is knowing, trusting and feeling authentically that you deserve to have all your hearts desires and needs met for your journey and that opportunity is obvious and seeks you out to support you along the way. Self-worth is being the full cup that can overflow to others effortlessly because you are nourished on all levels of being and your energetic resources can never be depleted because you give yourself the time, space and tools to recharge, stay connected, grounded, focused and grateful to yourself and your needs.
So the question then remains is, what is the first step you can take towards more self-worth? :)

Thanks for reading,