When times are great, life can feel like a beautiful dream with endless joy, excitement and possibilities. Music is more rhythmic, colours are more vivid and the world feels more inviting. You are in the flow of life where creativity and happiness work harmoniously together to create a sense of bliss and peace-of-mind. This is a place where you want to be for eternity, uninterrupted. However, there are mystical forces in nature and life that allow for the movement of experience to change. We may not understand these forces, but they are there and they are constantly at work. All that breathes must eventually take their last breathe. All that moves must eventually come to a halt. Likewise, all that experience fun, happy times must move to experience anguish, sadness, grief and sorrow.

We cannot experience year-round summer. Winter must come around so that nature can pull back, change and start again. Life is a continuous flow of changing cycles, which may or may not seem fair when its happening, but is nonetheless crucial for existence to carry on. Nature must adapt to change or die. Both adaptation and death are as important as the other and are integral aspects to life as we know it.

What Does It Have To do With Happiness and/or Suffering?

Everything! Humans as a species are just as much a part of the life cycle of Earth as any other species. The only consistent thing in life is Change! It is inevitable, constant, consistent and reliable. Your happiness will eventually change to anger, stress and/or sadness. Just like your healthy body will eventually become more fragile.

Although what has been said thus far seems to be eluding to the fact that we must all expect bad times to re-appear, is only half the story. It is only half the story because just like any other change that will eventually occur, your bad times will also transform from negative to positive. Our very human nature wants to move away from the negative and toward the positive. So when we are experiencing positive, we want to stay there and when we are experiencing negative, we want to move away from it as quickly as possible.
Negative experiences seem to want to hold on to you forever and never let go. You will wish the experience was not happening to you and that its all a very bad dream. However, you will quickly understand that the experience is real and its happening whether you want to accept it or not. There is nothing to take away from the fact that negative moments in life are the most difficult, testing, draining and scarring times a person can ever go through. You will be forever changed by these moments, but if you are willing to look for the silver lining in your predicament, you may sometimes be able to learn and gain insight from what at first seemed like a hopeless situation.

Change Is The Only Constant!

If you can take anything of value away from this article, its these 3 things :
1. You Have No Choice But To Keep Going. You cannot skip forward past this experience and you cannot go backward to a time when you were happy. You must endure this experience until it finally comes to an end.
2. This Too Shall Pass. This statement will not speed up time or erase your experience, but it is hoped that it will allow your to know, deep down, in the very core of who you are that things will change for the better.
3. Look For The Silver Lining. Within every difficult situation, lies a hidden insight that can enrich your life with wisdom and understand. Do your best to find it because then at least your difficult experience will not have happened in vain.

The Courage To Keep Going Forward

In the midst of a negative experience, you may feel a complete lack of courage, but the fact that you wake up every day is an innate act of courage. To seek help is an act of courage! You may have to walk the path, but many people are always willing to hold your hand and guide you on this journey. You can get through this, whether you feel you are strong enough or not. Courage doesn't need to believe its there for it to be of service. Courage is your best friend that has always got your back.

You are a beautiful soul and I acknowledge & respect your bravery for enduring life's difficult moments. May your good times always be just around the corner. May your soul be blessed with love.

Thanks for reading,