You may not appreciate it's value, but we learn that communication is a core part of our daily lives, our romantic relationships, our success and even our mental and emotional states. We are so proficient with internal and external communication that we very rarely take time out to reflect on how effectively we communicate and whether our communication is producing the desired results.

Lets Start With Our Internal Communication

Do you even realize how much communication is going on in your head on a daily basis? Our internal communication experience is so great that it is normally put on autopilot and left to it's own devices. You don't need to say "That was nice. Now I'm happy." No, your trigger from past happy experiences go off and autopilot puts you in a happy mood. This is very cool and works very well. The problem comes when your negative triggers go off too often for small issues. You think that it's just the way you are when you over-react, over-stress, cause yourself anxiety, have a temper tantrum etc etc..

The same issues can be seen when someone retreats into themselves when confronted or if they must step out of their comfort zone and (for example) present a speech. Their shyness or embarrassment will let them down. Their internal communication about made-up events can totally destroy their confidence to get the job done.

Check It Before You Wreck It

It's not "Just the way you are". It's the unchecked emotional, internal communication that has been programmed onto autopilot when you encounter a scenario that your past may have recognized as stressful, angry, anxious etc. This recognition alters your body posture and body language, which has a massive impact on your non-verbal communication with people. Not only that, but it can alter you voice tone and pitch. All this combined can does create an outer display of rage, sadness and frustration. Now you have a perfect recipe for conflict.

Don't be fooled. I can tell you that you are NOT what you think. If that were the case, we would all have bipolar disorder (ps. No disrespect to anyone who has bipolar disorder). One minute you are happy because you are warm, then irritated because traffic is a pain, then disappointed because you can't take leave next week. You are NOT your thoughts. Your thoughts are just a manifestation of your interpretation and response to external circumstances. If this is true, then that means that you can change the way you communicate to yourself and therefore, with effort and persistence, completely re-wire your internal communication processes.

Better thoughts, better physiology, better actions, better results!

Thanks for reading,