Ultimately it is up to you. We are always making the choice consciously or subconsciously on how we would like to change or remain the same. If we are willing to always look within, the answers are all there, the release can cause immense pain at first having to shift through it all but ultimately balance is waiting on the other side.

Life can always keep throwing curve balls but if you learn to always face yourself head on, work through it either on your own or with the help of somebody, you can always find that state of balance once more.

We are an onion working through layer after layer. Once we have dealt with one thing, it might circle round just to make sure you have truly looked at it and are ready to let it go.

The cycle of looking at oneself and letting go never stops. Deeper understanding, deeper levels follow every release. The heart charka opens slowly and you feel more deeply. This can be a blessing and a curse. You feel bliss/love but also pain and sorrow of every being and sentient being around you. With protecting yourself correctly, you can limit this but such is life, the ying and the yang, the good and the bad, you cant hide from any aspect of life and must feel it all, to be fully balanced and integrated.

Adversity is part of life and I see with many people who ‘have it all’ on a monetary level, suffer deeply with emotional pain or trauma’s. We cannot escape the pain, we cannot escape the lessons, we cannot escape ourselves. This brutal fact is actually very freeing as we can often just pray that our problems go away and yes by the grace of God, we are certainly helped along the path but unfortunately we cannot escape our feelings, our pain our thoughts.

Illness can be a deep reminder to look within. What is it we are not facing? What aspect of ourselves is out of balance? Is it our physical, emotional, spiritual body that needs assistance? Do we have something we hoped would just over time disappear?

We are emotional beings and the rule is that only once the emotion is looked at, expressed and faced head on, can it disappear. These feelings are stored in our energy system or body until hopefully we face them before they start to cause serious illness or disease within our system.

I feel your pain, I know we all feel each others pain and it is hard to let go. With the help of a facilitator, you are gently guided to what needs to be looked at. Trust the process, trust yourself and take the journey you need to take, starting now.

Thanks for reading,