Never mind trying to beat procrastination, more like why do we do it in the first place?
We usually begin the process of procrastination by knowing that we have a goal or something that must be achieved within a certain time period.
There is often no real rush to get this done right now and the deadline may be some time in the future. We are not in "Crisis Mode", so we feel we can put our goal/project off for a later date.

The Problem

It makes sense though to put in the effort to work on your task long before its due date because then we have time to possibly research, ask questions, seek resources and have a clear, focused mind that will allow the task to be done efficiently.
Not only are you in a good frame of mind to accomplish such tasks, but once the project has been completed and your goal has been achieved, your brain releases "happy" hormones, which makes you feel great about yourself. What was an item on a list, waiting to be completed is now done for all to see.You have done what needs to be done and now you have first hand experience that if you put your mind to something, that you can achieve it.
It’s a fantastic feeling!

So why then, if tackling a task in it’s early stages is almost guaranteed to bring a positive outcome, do we wait for the last minute and try get it done in a rush?

The Solution

The easy answer is a nice mix of laziness, complacency and "analysis-paralysis".
We feel that we don’t want to focus because it takes effort and diligence to work through the task at hand.
That fantastic feeling that you felt when you last completed a task is now gone and it is difficult to imagine what it felt like.
Our sense of laziness can also stem from the people we often interact with and their influence on our behaviour. If you are studying for an exam next week, but your friends want you to go out with them, what matters is the answer you give them. Do you go out tonight because you still have a lot of time to study? Or do you say No to your friends and keep on studying?
Our sense of complacency can also be traced back to the people in our lives that have a big impact on our behaviour. If you family, friends, co-workers etc are not high achievers, then there is a very good chance that you will mirror the actions and behaviours because they are showing you that complacency works for them.
Our "analysis-paralysis& thinking can often get in the way of momentum. How often have you looked at a project that you have to complete, only to focus on the big picture and see how much has to be done. Instead of creating smaller chunks of work that can be easily accomplished, the projects ends up in limbo doing nothing.

Who Are Your Influences?

We often see what we want to see, so if your best friend doesn't see much interest in getting things done, then because you respect them and their values, you will take on much of those values.
A great example can be seen in impoverished communities. These people often don’t know better so they don’t do better. The people who are influenced by these people, then just mirror the common behaviours and values and get stuck in the same trap of non-achievement. Due to tough living conditions, negative people and influences will be around every corner, trying to take away the positivity needed to make a better life.

Remember though that laziness, complacency "analysis-paralysis" are often not handed down to the next person out of spite, but rather out of love. Why sit at your desk doing work when you can lay on the couch with your partner and watch a movie? Why spend all day inside working on a project when you can be out in the sun with friends and family? It can be very difficult and distracting if your circle of influence always tries to pull you away from what’s important to what they want you to be doing. It is also true that life passes by very quickly and family time is important. As with anything in life, we need balance.
The problem with procrastination is that the balance is out of whack. You favor easy and fun stuff instead of responsible and focused stuff.

Do The Things In Life Now

Yes there will be some psychological attachments that will try to prevent you from completing tasks and projects. Yes there will be family and friends that don’t understand why you would rather devote time to your project as apposed to spending quality time with them. These issues may not go away and you must make peace with that, but if you commit to doing the things in life now that most will rather do later, I can assure you that you will have later in life what most people will only dream of. If work-life balance is concerning you, then consult with a professional to see what can be done. You will be in a league of people that take comfort in discomfort because that is where success lies. You will do now, what others will rather do later because that is where success lies. You will work until it is done because that is where success lies.

Success is a lonely road. It’s no coincidence that so many people live un-happy, dull and mediocre lives because there’s always tomorrow to deal with issues. What they fail to realize is that tomorrow is right around the corner. It Will come and then tomorrow will be today. Focus on achieving projects, tasks and goals. Excite yourself by what you can do. No one lives your life but you. Everyone else is just a by-stander. Do what must be done, whether you feel like it or not and will beat procrastination for good! >Do not be hard on yourself either because change takes time, so every time you succeed will be one step closer to success.

Tips For Eliminating Procrastination

  • Stay off social media until your task is complete.
  • Inform your circle of influence that you will be unreachable for an allotted time.
  • Always strive for a sense of order. File your documents. Keep your space neat and tidy.
  • Focus in stages and have a break. Work for 1 hour on and 15 minutes off.
  • During your break, feel free to check Facebook, your emails and your phone.
  • Stay hydrated. Your brain needs water!
  • When you don’t feel like doing something because you would rather do something else, recognize that feeling and do the thing that you were supposed to do.
  • Don’t feed your excuses. They will only take you away from success.

Thanks for reading,