A car cuts you off and you boil with anger. You cut yourself and you throw the knife across the room, making everyone duck for cover.
Does it seem like the smallest thing can drive you nuts?
Are you tired of lacking the ability to control your anger?
If you answered yes, then you are ready for positive change in your life.

Uncontrolled Anger Sucks!

Uncontrolled anger sucks, it's childish and you are too old to still be struggling with temper tantrums!... Because really, that's what it is, an adult version of a child's temper tantrum. The Truth Hurts, But It Also Heals.
Imagine how you look from someone else's perspective. It's not pretty and it's slightly embarrassing. These may seem like harsh words, but allow yourself to look within for a moment and compare your moment of rage with a child who is out of control. Do some "self" Life Coaching and take a serious look at your anger.

To be an adult should mean to be more Self-Aware. Being self-aware, we can take a step back, evaluate our actions and decide it they are suitable to the kind of people we feel we would like to be or to become. This is also the moment that we can scrap limiting behaviours that are not conducive to your personal growth and development.

Take Full Responsibility

What deters most people from being self-aware is that they must take full Responsibility for their thoughts and actions. We live in a society that encourages whining, complaining and blaming. We think that people want to hear how victimized we feel and how life is getting us down, yet we don't want to work towards creating solutions to our problems.

A responsible self-aware adult is in constant pursuit of taking a step back from their problem, working through it, finding a solution and walking the path of solution-based thinking. It is alright to tell people about the events in your life that are getting you down, but you must understand that if you are willing to tell people (who have their own problems in life) about your problems, then you must also be willing to find solutions to your problems. No one likes a complainer! Period! Be the solution to your own problems.

So What Does This Have To Do With Anger Management?

It has everything to do with anger management.

Try this out

Step.1 Next time you start to feel your blood boiling and you have no escape from the anger that is starting to fill inside of you. Take a step back, in that very moment and observe yourself and your current scenario as if you are watching a movie. Look at the triggers for your anger. Watch how it controls you and makes you feel trapped. Don't feel the need to try and stop what is going on... Just observe....(Remember the "Self" Life Coaching)

Once the moment has come and gone, allow yourself to reflect on what happened, moment by moment.

Now start asking yourself some questions. What triggered the event? Why did I get so angry? What can I learn about myself from this event? How can I make my life better because of what I have just learn't? How can I do things differently next time?
What gift that this event/person given me?(Meaning, what is the event/person showing me about myself that I don't want to look at?)

The Power Of Effective Questions!!

It will blow your mind how powerful this technique can be.
It takes you out of a victim mind-set and empowers you so that you can be better prepared for when such a scenario may re-appear in your life.

Step.2 Practice gratitude! Count your blessings. This event could have turned out alot worse and made your day absolute hell. If you escaped un-harmed, be thankful for it. It's better to be angry and let the moment pass than to be injured and stuck with pain.

Life is absolutely perfect in its imperfections. Learn to ride the wave of an ever changing landscape that is your life journey.
Don't be a victim to circumstances. Rather allow life's event to teach you and empower you so that you can learn who you really are. Give yourself the strength to look at your darker side and find ways of bringing it to the light.

You have one life to live and you are in control. Take control of your life and live it to the full.

Thanks for reading,