Losing somebody within your family, a close friend or pet is shattering. The rawness of the loss hurts deep within. The utter shock and disbelief can keep us feeling like we are somehow in a dream and it is all surreal. The finality of it all is too much to bear. It almost appears that time needs to stand still in order to just sit and be and let it all come out. The deepest grief and hurt, the endless tears. The rawness.

How do we go on, how do just go back to what was and be able to function once more. The bills need to be paid, the house needs to be cleaned but yet, somehow none of it matters. Only the love we felt for the being is what matters. We need the time to just process and think about the being for as long as it takes. We might know in our hearts that they are with us in spirit but the tear of the physical separation is one that breaks your heart. How will I be without this being in my life?

How can the world just go on? How are you meant to just get back to functioning when you feel so completely shattered and raw? There are no real answers in the grieving process. The best is to just feel what you are feeling. The disbelief, the despair, the grief, the pain, the hurt, the rawness, the exhaustion, the tears.

Express the feelings as they come. There are no limit to the amount of tears that need to be cried. There are no limit to the emotions that need to be expressed. There is a saying that time heals everything. Time can seem very different for everyone. It may feel raw for a really, really long time and that is ok to. The beauty is when we express our grief and pain for as long as we need to, we ultimately do move into a stillness, a reflective state, a remembering the good times state. This then leads into slowly being able to possibly bring some of the things we used to do back and get onto a path of never forgetting but moving forward once again.

What's Next?

Its amazing how a blessing can follow a tragedy. Its not always an obvious one but if you look closely enough, you will see it. It is different for everyone. If the pain is too much, it can be a great relief to simply talk about your loss for as long as it takes. To also remember the being in your own special way, to commemorate them and know you will remember them forever more. Our energy will go through a shock at the time of loss but after a grieving process, we can allow a shift of healing and peace to enter if we are ready. The peace brings not moving on and forgetting but just being ok to know that we can maybe put one foot in front of the other and carry on once again. Always remembering, always loving. Gone but never forgotten.

May peace be with you, you are loved.

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