The Metaphorical Ship

When a ships rudder to broken the ship will not move in it's desired direction no matter how hard you try. The rudder ensures that the ship gets to it's destination.
Like a ship that needs its rudder, so we need goals to give direction in our lives.
Life is such a long marathon that if you are not aware you will find yourself going around in circles, waking up, going to bed, waking up, going to bed. You will become the rudderless ships moving around in circles.

Goals add meaning and purpose to your days. They will reveal the person who you think you are and the person who you want to be. They will keep you going when you feel hopeless and defeated. They will inspire you and those around you.

Research shows how any person who has accomplished some massive task has utilized the concepts of strong goal ethics.
Goals are a great way to take an out-there daydream, forge a path for its existence and create a means for its attainment.

Why Some Peoples Goals Don't Work

There are a few reasons however why some peoples goals don't work out for them. Here they are :

1. They don't make their goals Specific enough.

It's not good enough to write on a piece of paper : "I want to lose weight." That is way too broad and sounds more like a new years resolution than a goal. So you want to lose weight. That's great. How Much Do You Want To Lose??
Here's another common example : "I want more money!!" You and every other person on this planet. What is more? Lottery more or just a few extra bucks? Specific details is what we are looking for. If your goal was suddenly accomplished right now, you would know it's exact specifics because you would be able to experience its "Real Life" qualities. This is how you must perceive the specifics of your goal, as if it has already been accomplished and you know everything about it.

2. They have no way of knowing how close or far they are from achieving their goal.
If you are trying to lose weight and your goal is to get down to a certain weight, how will you know if you are losing weight if you don't stand on the scale every now and then to check if what you have been doing has been working or not? This applies to all your working goals. You should have some way of measuring your progress. Are you staying on the right path or have you been deviating and delaying your progress? These reality checks will allow you to reflect on your past actions to valuate whether they are worth sticking with or not.

3. The one main thing that separates goals from resolutions is the fact that a strong goal must have have a deadline. There must be a point in time that you have chosen to complete your goal. This is utterly important as it will drive you forward. You will know that you have only a certain amount of time to complete your task. Always have a deadline.

The Pursuit Of Your Goals

Working on these points will assist you greatly in your pursuit to accomplishing goals.
Some goals will not be realized and this is not a bad thing, so try not to be too hard on yourself. You may just find that the goal isn't worth pursuing. Maybe you have no more interest in seeing that particular goal being realised. Maybe you feel you don't have the stamina to see it through.
If these kinds of issues appear, try to see what you are trying to tell yourself as apposed to feeling that you have failed.

I wish you all the best of luck with your endeavours! :)

Thanks for reading,