Our bodies are made up of physical and energetic matter. Often times we can get stuck with old stagnant energy in the form of illness, patterns, behaviours, beliefs, lack of change or movement and a myriad of other reasons. When we are stagnant, energy cannot move and we feel down, negative, unhappy, angry, anxious, depressed and many other low vibrational feelings. This is an indication that something is going on within our system either physically, spiritually or emotionally and it is a gift in the sense that we are made aware of it and because it needs immediate attention, we can quickly learn more about ourselves and what our body is trying to tell us. In going on a journey, we often gain big awareness and shift and change in deeply profound ways.

The wonderful thing is that the session is unique to everyone, a little of everything may come up within the session as certain things are revealed, your energy then tells me what you may need in order to release it and to help realign to a more balanced way of being. Sessions are beautiful in their uniqueness and in the 'AHA' moments and the connections that happen for you.

By working with our shadow side, or unresolved emotional baggage, situations, trauma's, pain, disease, we are working with things that we have neglected to accept or integrate into the whole of our being and going through it, although it may be uncomfortable to look at or re-visit, its the moving through and processing these things, facing it head on, looking at it, feeling it, talking about it and then accepting it, its only when we see these painful situations or things as parts of ourselves and that it is the very parts that need to be look at the most, that we can find a new way of being, peace and resolution within ourselves. The answers are all there waiting, we just have to do a little digging and put the connections together. Take the responsibility, put blame aside. The only one you can work on or change is you.

As an Energy Healing Facilitator, I am here with you every step of the way, fully supporting you through the process and helping you integrate and move forward with less baggage, pain, stress or discomfort.

How does energy healing work?

Energy healing takes place for us at soul level - at the level of the all knowing awareness, the stillness, the very essence of who we are - and reflects back through the emotional level to the physical level. So in order to get to the very core of any issue, we first have to get to the core of who we are. When we are in touch with our own essence, that wisdom can then activate our bodies own innate healing ability. We can see through the veils of stuckness, pain, hurt, trauma and gain awareness about the situation/s that got us there to that place. Once we gain the awareness around it, I can facilitate a further understanding around the situation and guide you to seeing things from all perspectives and what others where going through at the time. The process is about uncovering memories so that we can resolve them, heal our pain, complete our stories and forgive those that we love. This then brings about a feeling of peace around the situation and you are then able to let it go once and for all. Once these emotions are released from the body's cells, the body can then release the physical symptoms and we can ultimately set ourselves free and live our best life - free from emotional baggage.

We then give the gift of also energetically shifting our family through our own energetic work and awareness. You do not have to pass on your pain or patterns to your children and you can heal the generational pain of those before you. Pain and dis-ease can turn out to be your greatest gift if you let the lessons come through and are willing to face your deepest hurts, grief, guilt, shame, anger, resentment and much more. The darkness then turns into fertile soil that your own further awakening can grow from, enriching and uplifting you, rather than keeping you stuck and stagnant.

With the use of Kinesiology, we are able to tap into the subconscious mind and then use further healing modalities to shift and balance you. Activating your body's own innate healing ability.

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