You have the ability to change so much. You can greatly influence not only your life, but the lives of many others if you just allow your voice to be heard.
You don't need a Life Coach to show you that there is a unique strength inside you that can forge a path to greatness, but you must first realize for yourself and understand that it's there and then allow yourself to embrace it. Show the world your strength by using your voice as your tool for action.
Most people don't allow their voice to be heard because they either don't feel that their voice isn't important, that no one will listen or that others will make them feel stupid.

Your voice can change your work

All you can ever control is yourself, your emotions and your actions. So if your boss is mean, apart from leaving your job, try and find ways to relieve your bosses stress by possibly offering to do more to take the load off their plate or just understanding how stressed they may currently feel. Not many people want to intentionally be mean, it's usually stress that brings out their mean streak. Understand that your boss is also a person with insecurities who may feel overwhelmed. Do what you can to alleviate their stress and the whole company will feel the benefits.

If you want a promotion, make sure your intention is to either make more money for the company or to save them as much money as possible. Do this very well for some time. Make yourself indispensable. Do what it takes to become the kind of employee that other companies will want, then use your voice. Show your qualities and how you have provided value for your company. Then ask your boss to consider giving you a promotion. Your voice, backed up by strong action can move mountains.

Never allow yourself to come up with imaginary and over-inflated thoughts and fears on why you shouldn't use your voice. If you want that promotion, but you keep imagining that your boss will say no and maybe even fire you, then you will find every reason not to pursue success. Your biggest regrets will be those opportunities that you did not take. Don't get in your own way. Those who succeed at anything in life, pushed aside their insecurities, used their voices and dealt with the consequences.

Your voice can make you a leader

We all have the potential to lead. We can be the leader in our family or friends. We can become a leader in a worthy cause. We can be a leader in our jobs, no matter what our position.
Leaders know that their voice matters and so they learn to master the art of successful communication.
You may think that this can seem like learning to manipulate people and in some way you may be correct, but if you understand how to use the concepts of communication like focused listening, self-talk/internal communication, how you talk to others and more will allow you to not only get what you want, but also find ways for the other person to benefit as well.

If you can allow yourself to dedicate some time and effort into understand and applying the concepts of how you deal with people, you will move forward with lightening speed in your life and career.

Talent Is A Learn't Skill

You may look at people and wonder how they always get what they want, as if they are born with such talent, but all they have done right is work with the rhythm of using their voice to persuade others to 1)see their point of view and 2)to get what they want in the process.
Sales people are masters of this art and their should be no reason why you can't master it yourself. It just takes a bit of knowledge, some practice and in no time you will be reaping the rewards of your efforts.

Always focus on a win-win scenario, where both parties benefit. This is crucial because it builds trust for future communications. Another great benefit of working on the win-win is that it will push you to expand your creativity and imagination in order to find a suitable solution.

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