The crown chakra or Sahasrara, which is located at the top of the head. This beautiful white chakra is represented by a one thousand petal lotus flower that opens upwards to the sky and embraces all higher awareness. It is the bridge between you and the divine essence of all that is. Your highest potential as a spiritual being can be reached. It is as though the thousand petal lotus is slowly opening to your enlightenment and heightened state of consciousness.

This area is the power center of spiritual awareness. The gifts of creation, preservation and destruction can be understood in one instant through the crown chakra. It is based on pure intuition and knowingness.

When you are able to work in complete harmony with this chakra, you will be able to transcend beyond materialistic value to find your true nature of purpose, curiosity and joy.

When this chakra is unbalanced you may not see the point and meaning to life. You may feel a victim to life, as if life is not being fair to you. Lack of joy, frustration and boredom with your life is also an indicator of a blocked crown chakra.

Balancing the Crown chakra

Try meditate and focus on an amazing white light engulfing you that comes directly from source. Feel the presence of pure love. How does it feel? Focus on the word Creation. what sensations, words or images do you experience?

Use aromatherapeutic oil extracts like jasmine, lavender and armoise.
Wear or carry a white or violet gemstone, Quartz Crystal or Diamond

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