Its the kind of money baggage that you DONT want to carry. Its the one the weighs you down, that dominates your money making/spending habits and the one that can wedge a gap in your relationships. This bit of baggage is filled with your all your parents, guardians, teachers, friends and relatives money problem stuff. It is filled with limited values and beliefs about money.

This baggage, whether you know it or not has created your relationship with money. This relationship has guided your adult life decisions in more ways than you can imagine. Since we live in a consumer driven society, pretty much most of your daily decisions involve the use of money in some way. Since your daily decisions are very often money related, your money baggage will often come in to play.

You only know what you know, so every choice and decision to act will be based on the limited amount of information that you know. If the most influential people in your life struggled with poverty, you will have a very different knowledge base to someone who has been brought up in a wealthy environment. Both sets of people still have a limited knowledge base from which they work with when it comes to money, however the person who has a better relationship to money will have a better creative skill-set to use at their disposal. This skill-set is built on beliefs, values and habits that work in conjunction with the desired outcome so that a positive result is achieved.

Empty That Baggage!

Money is just a tool! That is it! If you desire to change how you see and use money then you need to take a serious look at how you think about it. Your actions come from your thoughts and your thoughts are laced with your beliefs, values and assumptions. Sit down for a moment and consider what you believe about money. What are your beliefs about spending money and making money? Does money come easy to you or not? What do you believe about rich people and poor people? See how many questions you can come up with and then answer those questions about your belief about money. Now, look at your results and see how many of those answers are shared beliefs of your parents, family, friends, community etc. I'm guessing that many of the beliefs that you thought were yours are in fact rooted in the people that you were influenced by in your life.
Next. What do you value about money? What value does it add to your life? What happens when that value is taken away from you? How does that make you feel?

At The Core Of The Matter

At its core, money is a resource that we leverage so we can have other resources and create experiences that can make us happy. At our core, we seek happiness! Money becomes a unique tool that we feel can buy us that happiness. While money can create circumstances for happiness, we must remember that happiness comes from within. There are many things that money cannot buy that give us our greatest moments of happiness.
Love brings great happiness. The love you feel for your partner, friends and family are just some of the priceless treasures that money cannot buy. You can have all the wealth in the world, but if there is no love in your home, then all that money means nothing.
Enjoy your health and strive to preserve it. No amount of money in the world can save a dying person. Respect your health because its is your one true wealth!
Laughter is the best medicine! It is the universal language we all speak and all have in common. It brings us together and makes us feel whole. Try to laugh every day... And if you have nothing to laugh at, then laugh at yourself. Our silly behaviour can be quite comical.
Utilise your creative potential. We all have potential. Find yours and use it. It doesn't matter what your potential is. It is your gift if you allow it into your life.

Let Go!

To walk with very little money baggage requires a person to let go of the past. Let go of your mistakes and mishaps. Let go of your limitations because we live in a limitless universe of abundance. Let go of what society thinks you should have or want because society does not know what is best for you! Let go of all the nonsense you tell yourself that you are not worthy because the reality is that you have such massive worth, you just may not have discovered it yet.
Let your motto be "Let Go!"
Only once we can let go, can we free ourselves.

Thanks for reading,