Is it possible to change your mood and possibly even your behavior by your body language?
If this is possible, then your mind can be affected and redirected by how you physically present yourself. This is an incredibly amazing idea and something we should all be coached on.

An Example

I was recently able to view this concept with my wife. A neighbour was making quite a noise, which became very irritating for the both of us. She decided to do something about it. From a very casual stance, I could, as if in slow motion notice minor changes in her body language. What it looked like to me was she was psyching herself up internally for what was to come. She put on her brave/angry face with the tight lips and a glaring stare. Her shoulders pushed back and her spine straightened and off she marched over, to the neighbour to express her dissatisfaction over the matter.

So although she wasn't quite changing her mood to its polar opposite by changing her physiology (she was more likely amplifying her current mood). The point is that her internal representation of the situation was affecting her external body language.

I saw a baby go from crying to smiling in a matter of seconds. The smile from the baby seemed to be the pinnacle point where baby's crying episode officially ended, even though tears were still streaming from its face.

So can we change our psychology by changing our physiology?

Physiology Changing Psychology

Some experts seem to think it's very possible. When you are experiencing various behaviors, your body will often outwardly project those feelings. An easy one will be if someone is happy. They almost can't help but smile. Have a look at someone who is depressed. Their head will be down, their tone will be low pitched and their shoulders will be rounded. It seems that not only is there an important link between behavior and body language, but it seems most often that when one is present, it's corresponding other will be too.

This still leaves the question of whether the body language can override or bypass the behavior to change the outcome. To test this out may be rather difficult in the sense that when you are acting out a particular behavior, you get very involved and attached to that behavior. So to suddenly smile when you are bad as hell, will probably make you even more angry. The trick is too keep going with it. Try smile and release and smile and release. Now laugh and raise your hands. Lean over, let your arms hang lose and wave them from left to right. This exercise may feel stupid, but I can bet that your mood is changing.

Another exercise to try. So you have just had a bad day. You have been feeling the down the entire day. It's the end of the day, you are tired and just want your spirits lifted. Now try the above exercise. Then tell me how you feel and did it work! Actors can change their behavior on cue. So can you. Use this to better your outlook on life when you need it.

Thanks for reading,