What is psychic attack? It can come in a myriad of forms. The most obvious is when your energy field is lowered and there are tears/ openings or dark areas in your aura that dark energy can interact with. How do you prevent this from happening? Keeping your energy strong and protected is of utmost importance. Eating the right high vibrational foods that energise your cells and energy field is key. Meat, dairy, processed foods, chemicals and alcohol can lower your energy field. Dark energy loves to ‘feed’ on fear and pain and they are particularly attracted to abbotairs and places where animals are sent to slaughter with these feelings intact. You then consume the meat and that vibration enters your energy field, it may lower your energy field, making it easier for psychic attack. The way milk is manufactured in dairy factories is also a sad and fearful place. Cows are impregnated over and over again to keep producing dairy, their babies are taken away to be slaughtered for veal and also kept alone and scared before slaughter. The whole vibration of this experience is in the milk and once you consume it, you also become that vibration. Fearful thoughts and feelings are allowed to permeate your energy field, making it easier for lower vibrational energy to ‘play’ with you or manipulate situations or meetings to cause pain, fear or things to fall apart.

Consuming alcohol, which is a poison causes the body to use all its energy to try and eradicate it, in this lowered state, you may also become vulnerable and open. There is a reason alcohol is called ‘spirits’. Spirits are then permitted to enter your energy field and play with your existing fear or destructive patterns. Chemicals from food or products can have the same effect for some people. Processed foods have little to no vibration and do not energise or strengthen the body or energy field in any way.

So What Is A Psychic Attack?

Our existing patterns, dark side that has not been looked at, acknowledged and integrated into your greater whole, can attract darker energies. Past lives, DNA, Cellular Memory may hold memories, hurts, pain, experiences that if not balanced or acknowledged may also hold ‘curses’, pain or hurt that lower our energy field and allow for unbalanced energy to interact with our energy field. We may also attract other energy fields that are our mirrors and cause havoc or ‘messiness’ for ourselves.

If your ancestors have dabbled in dark forces, this has an effect for many generations and needs to be cleared at cellular level. We cannot see energy or our patterns but we see the effects. It may seem that things never go right for you, you always attract the wrong people into your life, you cant ever catch a break, you are accident prone, you have negativity or a dark cloud hanging over you, pets always seem to die around you, you see strange things, smell strange things or feel dark energy around you sometimes. An unsettling feeling that something is not right, may also be an indication. If you would like to find out more information on releasing dark energy, patterns and strengthening your energy field, please contact me for a booking.

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