Alcoholism is something that has a deep impact on many levels for a family. As with any illness, the whole family feels the impact of the person who is doing the drinking. The pain we feel deeply that we cannot shift this person out of their drinking, causes deep sadness and hopelessness. We may even fear the person who is doing the drinking.

Although the person who drinks may not be able to ever change. The family often needs support to live with or be around a person who is an alcoholic. The process is very draining and can be a burden to carry for those around them.

To watch a person degenerate is very painful and even after talking to them until you are blue in the face, taking them to programmes, helping them out, and they still go back to the bottle, can feel extremely defeating and frustrating.

An alcoholic must be willing to face their demons head on. Which is possibly why they drink in the first place, to avoid them. This may be asking too much because this coping mechanism becomes simply ‘what they do’ and to get to the root cause of the trauma or reason for the drinking becomes extremely difficult because there is layer after layer to work through. Willingness to receive the help and change needs to be strong. Often times, there is nothing that can be done further but the family is left feeling depleted, shattered, hopeless, saddened and possibly angry.

To watch the one you love degenerate is a sad process and can cause much imbalance within you. This is the time to then follow the process of what you are feeling and experiencing with the help of energy work. People who drink have disassociated and do not realize the burden they are imposing on their family or loved ones. Self awareness is non existent and it all simply becomes about when is the earliest time that they can get hold of another drink.

To accept what cannot be changed is difficult for the family. What is also very difficult is to realize the soul of the drinker may not be fully present and their foggy memory and lack of connection to reality may simply be too much to bare.

In order to not hold onto the pain and the anger, you yourself as a person who has to deal with alcoholism, you may need support. To hold onto what you have had to witness, been put through or that you cannot do much more for the person can cause serious imbalances within you. You are not alone and with the help of some energy work can feel more at peace once more with the situation and person in question.

Thanks for reading,