Kim Lewis-Williams Kinesiology Package Special
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Energy Kinesiology to assist in all areas of your life!

Through the use of muscle testing and connecting with your subconscious mind, we can find the root cause and trigger your body's own innate healing ability for:

  • Stress or Anger
  • Anxiety or Depression
  • Feeling Despondent or Hopeless
  • Gulity or Burdened
  • Anxiety regarding the future
  • The need to be perfect
  • Unappreciated or not feeling accepted
  • Unworthy or unloved
  • Undervalued or unworthy
  • Unable to speak up or articulate yourself
  • Low self-esteem or self-value
  • Feeling Blocked, Stagnant or Stuck and cant seem to move forward in life
  • Feeling unmotivated or unimpowered
  • Cant seem to keep, attract or maintain relationships
  • Trouble in your relationships
  • Money imbalances in possibly Creating, Making or Sustaining money
  • Distrusting of others
  • Physical pain or symptoms of the body giving you feedback to your emotional state
  • Low vitality and energy levels
  • Creativity blockages
  • Past Trauma physically or emotionally
  • Need assistance figuring out your Purpose
  • Grief and Loss

Package Sessions are for best results!

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Do you want to move forward feeling more self-aware, resourceful and connected to your authentic self, free from your inhereted or old learnt ways of feeling, doing and being?

Through Kinesiology we can take a look at our subconscious programming or feelings, based on our early experiences in childhood or from defining moments in our lives. We can discover what patterns drive our decision making and give us our life results. We often are not even aware that those beliefs or decisions are at play in our lives. Through a gentle process, we can uncover these situations. memories and sometimes trauma that your mind refers to when making choices in life that can be hindering, sabotaging, limiting and stagnant.

The more open, vulnerable and willing to shift you are, the quicker you do! Usually between sessions, you have 'AHA' moments and more self-awareness comes through, uncovering more layers to be worked on.

This is a process of self-empowerment, self-actualisation, self-responsibilty and activating your body's own healing ability.

Through the process we will discover and correct the body/mind/energy processes through the use of Kinesiology Corrections. We then begin to neautralise strongly charged feelings and choices that keep us 'safe', but can also be limiting.

We create less and less from our lacks, limitations, fears and anxieties. This process is a process of re-visiting and un-creating what we have been outputting from years and years of expectations of others, teachings of others, learned behaviors and patterns, possible inherited DNA cellular memory from past generations, your past traumas or pain, abuse or fear based living, how we view and feel about ourselves, personality traits, how the brain connects and makes descisions on how we feel about ourselves and others.

If you are wanting to shift and create new realities and possibilities for yourself, then the time to start is now.

Our life long journey of self-discovery is continuous and we often re-circle our main patterns, themes or life lessons and always grow in strength each time as a new 'gem' or understanding is revealed through the different layers.

Together, through a process, we are able to uncover, reveal and activate your body's own innate healing on every level of being.

Package Sessions are for best results!

Receive a 15% discount with every purchase

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