Kim Lewis-Williams Kinesiology Package Special
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Energy Kinesiology, Healing & Coaching

Uncovering the Emotional Layers behind Physical symptoms or emotional discomfort
To Activate Healing For Mind, Body & Soul

Looking for answers.......
Where am I at emotionally?
Why cant I overcome a certain way of being?
Why do I have this physical imbalance?
Why do I feel fearful, anxious, angry, dispair?
How do I create more self-esteem, confidence, self-love & acceptance?

Do you have an emotionally charged or draining area in your life, physical pain, emotional pain, stress, stagnant ways of being, limiting patterns or beliefs, past or childhood pain, learning difficulties, lack of self-confidence, self-esteem or self-worth, not knowing how to get to where you want to be, frazzled by something that has occurred in your life, needing answers or simply have any imbalance in your life that needs to be shifted and balanced so that you can move forward with more ease, health, creativity, passion, love and joy.

Othertimes, we have interlinking unexpressed 'shadow' stuff that we have packed away and hoped to forget about. As it turns out, we dont just forget about it unfortunately and through a gentle process, we can uncover these situations that you no longer need to hold onto. The more open, vunerable and willing to shift you are, the quicker you do! Usually between sessions, you have 'AHA' moments and more self-awareness comes through, uncovering more to be worked on. This can be a process of getting more and more balanced, more and more healed over a period of time, as you grow and learn from every session. It may even help to come for a monthly top up to keep you balanced and feeling great. Our life long journey of self-discovery continous and we often re-circle patterns if we do not look at what they are trying to show us. Together we are able to uncover, reveal and activate your body's own innate healing on every level of being.

You will find yourself going through a self-awareness process, which will bring about more clarity and a shifting of energies. New energy means new situations over a period of time being manifested outwards from your energy imprints. We no longer will be creating from our lacks, limitations, fears and anxieties. This process is a process of re-visiting and uncreating what we have been outputting from years and years of expectations of others, teachings of others, learned behaviours and patterns, possible inherited DNA imprints from past generations, traumas or pain, abuse or fear based living, how we view and feel about ourselves, personality traits, neuro connections to old stagnant ways of being and much more. If you are wanting to shift and create new realities and possibilities for yourself, then the time to start is now! I look forward to assisting you through the process.

By working with Energy, Muscle Testing, Sub-conscious mind and Body, Kinesiology can help by finding the most beneficial technique from a multitude of of structural, biochemical, emotional, electrical and spiritual processes to balance the body, mind and spirit and return to more wholeness, peace & health.


What a gift it is to uncover exactly where we are at emotionally, mentally and physically. When we do a Mind, Body & Soul Audit so to speak, we can really gauge where we are at specifically but also in relation to many areas of our lives. We often attract from our wounded spaces the people and circumstances in our lives in order to bring about awareness and what still needs shifting or healing in our lives. But it is not always easy to figure out what our 'wounds' are or what it is exactly that is holding us back.

Through Kinesiology Packages, we are able to:

  • Unpack our deep seated or repressed doubts, fears, limiting beliefs, unworthiness, rejections, seperation and more
  • emotional or physical blockages
  • Stressful, hurtful or painful traumas from the past
  • Not sure why we feel stagnant, blocked, stuck or despondent
  • Cant attract the right person, job or keep finances on track
  • Easily fall into anger, fear, anxiety or depression
  • Cant communicate the way you feel or articulate the words to express yourself
  • Feel that you are not creatively expressing yourself
  • Uncover the cycles that we get stuck in and move away into a new alignment of our choice.
  • Need answers as to what is going on emotionally at the root of it all.

We can then work through the layers and see what our sub-conscious, body, energy system and soul is trying to show us so that we do not need to go on repeating the same themes and patterns in our lives and thus give any linked physical imbalances a chance to heal. We can change, we can gain awareness and go onto a more intergrated and whole path that brings about more awareness, wholeness of self, ease, neautrality, love and joy!

So together, working through the layers of the physical, emotional or mental processes to uncover and discover what messages lie beneath, what we may have not found resolution around and what thought processes have got us to this point. We can then activate your body's own innate healing ability and create the change to bring about new results, feelings and ways of being! Pick your package and lets get started! Single sessions available thereafter as maintenance top up sessions to keep you aligned to your new way of being.

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